ArtBoxed POD in Garden

Art Boxed San Diego: A PODS® Project is a portable, curated exhibition highlighting local contemporary artists creating thought-provoking and participatory art in storage containers.

Visit Chris Flores and Jennifer Anderson's POD in the Art Produce Garden. 

Open Daily 10-6pm, October 13th- 26th.

Around back of Art Produce in Garden

Jennifer Anderson: I am a maker of one-of-a-kind objects living in the 21st century. I am an artist. I am a craftsperson. I am a designer. While my work is multifaceted and constantly flows between disciplines, my focus is always on furniture.

My furniture is rooted in tradition yet fueled by experimentation. I find technology to be both seductive and repulsive. I create functional objects that people live and interact with on a daily basis. These objects not only serve the basic needs of people, but are also the primary vehicles for my self-expression.

My most recent work focuses on translating iconic pieces of furniture into mud. By taking a material that is otherwise thought of as worthless and translating it into highly regarded objects I am asking people to reconsider their relationships with domestic objects.