Community Arts Events

Stone Paper Scissors projects allow young people opportunities to be involved in community based activities, get community service hours, and intern or exhibit at the ART Produce Gallery. Students from Lynn’s classes help facilitate children’s art activities at local festivals and community events and can participate in leadership training through partnering, mentoring, and interning with local arts organizations, businesses, and community enhancement groups.


Lynn has taught art classes and workshops throughout the county in schools, community and cultural centers and at her Stone Paper Scissors studio. Classes range from multi-media after-school classes for K-12, to arts education workshops for teachers, to intensive exploration of specific art process or media. Educational opportunities for young people include interning and exhibiting at the Art Produce Gallery, helping to facilitate children’s art classes, assisting in arts activities at local festivals and community events and participation in leadership training with local arts organizations and community enhancement groups. Lynn’s work with the UCSD Education Studies Dept. brings college students to her studio for arts education workshops and into the community to assist in teaching art classes.