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  • Plight of the Honeybee

    Roberto Salas
    June 13 to July 26

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, June 13th 6-9pm

    Roberto Salas is one of the 10 artists to receive San Diego Foundation’s 2015 Creative Catalyst Grant. Salas is sponsored by and is partnering with Camarada, a non-profit chamber music ensemble, to heighten the awareness about the plight of the honeybees in our community. Read more...

  • 3 Objects 3 Poisons 3 Seeds of Virtue

    Lynn Susholtz in the Rotunda Gallery, Athenaeum
    June 20 to July 25

    Opening Reception ~ Friday, June 19th 6:30-8:30pm

    Drawings in graphite and colored pencil on velum and rosin paper. Susholtz’ art practice ranges in scale from small drawings that explore the cultural context and social histories of everyday objects to large-scale interactive environments. Read more...

  • Chula Vistan


    Anna Stump
    August 8 to September 20

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, August 22 6-9pm

    Art Produce is pleased to present “Chula Vistan,” mixed media paintings by Anna Stump, in which the artist explores her relationship to her hometown and the Mexican/American Border region. Read more...

  • Community Development in the Context of Art: North Park and the Citizen Artist

    Article Authors: Lynn Susholtz and Leslie Ryan

    "Last spring I was asked by Julie Voelker-Morris, co-editor of CultureWork, to write an article about my involvement as an artist in the redevelopment of North Park. After revisiting many conversations with Leslie Ryan, we co-authored, 'Community Development in the Context of Art: North Park and the Citizen Artist'. It is a beginning of our 'non-manifesto for the arts'. Maybe you will see a piece of your history...?" - Lynn Susholtz

  • Space for Lease in the Art Produce Building!

    Space available in an award winning, sustainable, community collaborative.

    Perfect for a restaurant, cafe, yoga studio, artist collective, office hive, design firm, pop-up restaurant, learning lab, performance space, urban many possibilities! Read more...

  • Home Affairs

    Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi
    May 10 to June 7

    Opening Reception ~ Sunday, May 10th 1-4pm

    Home Affairs is an ongoing collaboration by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi that intends to challenge mainstream representations of motherhood through a photo-based, screen printing project. Read more...

  • FREE Social Dance Stage at North Park Festival of the Arts

    Saturday, May 16th 12-5pm

    This is a FREE outdoor social dance event for the 19th Annual North Park Festival of the Arts! This festival has grown into a local tradition with amazing art, exciting live music and dance performances, eco-friendly activities, vendor booths and fabulous food. Read more...

  • So Many Hours in the Day

    Michelle Montjoy
    March 5 to May 3

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, March 14th 6-9pm

    In So Many Hours in the Day, Michelle has constructed a knitted environment made from used t-shirts and many hours, where passers-by can join in and knit on giant table-top looms. Read more...

  • Stand Tall

    A community-inclusive dance performance event presented by The BodyBoca Project and choreographed by Aurora Lagattuta.

    Friday, April 24th 8pm

    Stand Tall is a community-inclusive, art and dance theater performance event that features 20 diverse dancers ages 15-77. A physical, emotional, and psychological study of human experience, Stand Tall focuses on the themes of growth and connection. Read more...

  • "Hello, My Name Is..."

    An installation by Lynn Susholtz in collaboration with
    The New Arrival Center students at Crawford High School
    February 6 to March 1

    Opening Reception ~ Friday, February 6th 5-7pm

    Bread & Cie Bakery & Café
    350 University Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92103

    Read about it in the Uptown News!

    “Hello, My Name Is...” tells the stories and dreams of travel, relocation and growing up. Students from the New Arrival Center worked with Lynn Susholtz and their teachers to create art that tells stories of their travels from their home countries. The New Arrival Center serves immigrant and refugee students providing a solid foundation in oral and written English for students who are new to the United States. Read more...

  • JARS - A Crowd-Sourced Exhibit

    A collaborative fundraiser for Sugar Museum and Art Produce
    January 10 to February 20

    Valentine's Day, Chocolate and Beer/Wine Tasting
    Saturday, February 14th 6-9pm

    Sugar Museum is pleased to present JARS, an installation of hundreds of jars in the storefront Art Produce Gallery. The jars of art by local artists and jars of food donated by local vendors will be displayed on shelving with “art” and “food art” coexisting. Read more... 

  • Art Produce in the La Jolla Light - November 2014

    "Intrepid art galleries are out there ... you just have to look for them"
    By David L. Coddon - La Jolla Light - November 20, 2014

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:

    In the case of artist Lynn Susholtz, she started a gallery for her neighborhood. She purchased the former North Park Produce and turned it into Art Produce Gallery, which is not only a storefront gallery entirely visible from the sidewalk on University Avenue, but “a kind of cultural collective urban community center” with three different artist studios, a coffee shop and a gallery “to create the kind of synergy that would happen in a cultural space." Read more...


    A pop-up exhibition curated by Noel-Baza Fine Art featuring
    3 San Diego artists
    November 14 to January 4

    Featured Artists: 
    Marianela de la Hoz, Bhavna Mehta, Lynn Susholtz

    Extended Gallery Hours ~ Saturday, December 13th 6-9pm
    Ongoing Gallery Hours ~ Thursday-Saturday 1-5pm

    Included in RENDER are paintings, drawings and cut paper compositions that reflect the artists themselves, their devotions, commitments and that which brings them joy or gives them sorrow. Each artist in her own way shows us that Art itself is a transformative process. Read more...

  • Art Produce Gallery in the News - Sept/Oct 2014

    "The Fence/La Barda"

    This latest exhibit in Art Produce Gallery has received abundant media coverage in San Diego and Tijuana. Read more...

  • The Fence/La Barda

    A Bi-national Art Installation, Performance and Lecture Series
    Feminist Image Group / Tijuana's Distrito Diez Gallery
    September 1 to October 25

    Artist Reception ~ Saturday, September 13th 6-9pm
    Artist Reception ~ Saturday, October 11th 6-9pm

    The Feminist Image Group (FIG) and Tijuana's Distrito Diez Gallery are pleased to present “Fence/Barda,” an interactive, collaborative installation at Art Produce Gallery in San Diego. Read more and view upcoming "Fence/Barda" events...

  • Art Produce in the Union Tribune - August 2014


    "Art and commerce collide in North Park"
    by James Chute - San Diego Union Tribune - August 25, 2014

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:

    Some artists who remain, like Susholtz, have become citizen artists, showing up at community planning meetings, and in the case of Susholtz, contributing, with Goldman, the arts and culture component of the revised North Park Community Plan. Read more...

  • Waving the Flag

    William Feeney
    July 1 to August 28

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, July 12th 6-9pm

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, August 9th 7:30pm

     "My art is about the intersection of an individual and an institution. The place where things are exposed, negotiated, and solved. My art is about questions, even when it implies answers." Read more...

  • Art Produce in the Union Tribune - March 2014

    "Spring Preview: Visual Arts"
    by James Chute - San Diego Union Tribune - March 15, 2014

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:
    There’s not another gallery in San Diego like Lynn Susholtz’s Art Produce Gallery. Even naming it a gallery stretches the meaning of the term. Read more...

  • Art in the Yard 6

    Saturday, August 9th 4:32-9pm
    In the Art Produce Garden

    It's that time of year again!!! Art In The Yard 6 is an annual urban art show/sale made up of local, underground, and independent artists, vendors, and performers. This community event will have performances from fantastic local musicians Hobie Givens, Trent Hancock, and Miki Vale as well as an open mic hosted by Sauce. Read more...

  • San Diego Dance Connect

    Tuesday, July 29th  5-8:30pm

    Join the conversation about dance in San Diego at this community event with an interactive presentation by Amy Fitterer, Executive Director of Dance/USA. Read more...

  • Art Produce in City Beat

    "The seven-headed serpent monster
    San Diego's alternative art spaces rise, fall, and rise again"

    by Susan Myrland - San Diego City Beat - November 13, 2013

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:

    Lynn Susholtz’s North Park space Art Produce is one of the few alternative galleries with longevity. Susholtz purchased the building in 1999, renovated it and reopened it as an art gallery in 2001. She added a community garden in 2010, used for film screenings, workshops, art installations and events. A third renovation in 2012 expanded the gallery and made room for a café, creating a synergistic relationship between the tenants, restaurant and art.  Read more...

  • nighttime

    Anna O'Cain
    May 10 to June 15 

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, May 10th 6-9pm

    Flower Flag Workshop ~ Saturday, May 17th 2-5pm

    "The original portrait idea was dramatically reshaped. I hope nighttime evokes an awkward drift backward into memories and simultaneously moves to thoughts of spring. The intrigue of exploring a different space within a wacky mix of written documents and photographs is where I started with this puzzle. In the end nighttime became a rumination on moving forward and a tribute to my mother, Katherine Wright O'Cain Hunt." Read more...

  • assemblé

    San Diego Civic Youth Ballet
    An evening of community, dance, music and fun!

    Thursday, June 26th 4-8pm
    In the Art Produce Garden during the North Park Farmer's Market

    This free, family friendly event features tastes from North Park Farmer's Market vendors, local craft beer, and performances by the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet Performance Ensemble. Read more...

  • YARID Fundraiser for Urban Refugees

    Tuesday, June 17th 7-9:30pm
    In the Art Produce Garden

    Young African Refugees for Integral Development (YARID) is a grassroots, non-profit organization in Kampala, Uganda. The mission of YARID is to empower refugees, orphans and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) around Africa to overcome the burdens of deprivation and vulnerability to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society. Read more...

  • Snakes in the Garden

    Art, Dance, Cocktails

    Saturday, May 17th 12-5pm
    During the North Park Festival of Arts

    Cocktails by Snake Oil Cocktail Company, Gallery Exhibit by Anna O’Cain, Interactive Sculptures by William Feeney, and Social Dance Stage hosted by Meeshi Ravi.  Read more...

  • Glamour at the End of Time

    Alexia Markarian
    March 1 to April 27

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, March 8th 6-9pm

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, April 12th 7pm

    Markarian creates an art boutique to consider and explore the expressive power inherent in everyday objects. These articles, altered by scale, juxtaposition and unconventional materials, become something more complicated, intriguing and mysterious. Meant to amuse and provoke, this work subverts our senses and conventional assumptions about utility, beauty and glamour. Read more...

  • NAEA National Convention - Offsite Workshop at Art Produce

    Remixing the Self-Illustrated Post Card:
    Technological Mediations of Art and Writing

    Workshop leaders: Amy Barnickel, Julie Voelker-Morris, Lynn Susholtz

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    This hands-on workshop invites citizen artists, scholars, and educators to explore current technological mediations of art and writing. Participants will illustrate, compose, and address personalized postcards (4x6 or 5x7) to loved ones (or even those you just “like”); explore intersections of traditional and new media; and create a crowdsourced exhibition of their work in the Art Produce Gallery. Read more...

  • Farmers and Me

    Cristal Chen
    SDSU MFA Thesis Show Event

    Thursday, March 27th 5-7pm
    In the Art Produce Garden

    Artist talk, delicious food made with local produce, and a short documentary screening.  Read more...

  • The Art of Human Being

    A site-specific dance event designed by Lara Binder

    Saturday, March 22nd 6:15-7:15pm
    In the Art Produce Garden

    The Art of Human Being explores genuine embodiment and the unique cultural matrix of place through engagement and inclusion. All will be invited to join an open score featuring elements of performance and play. How will you embrace your authentic state of human being?

  • All Things Fruit Trees

    Workshop with Nicole Schott

    Thursday, March 13th 4:30-6:00pm
    In Art Produce Garden 

    Got fruit trees? Get help with fruit tree planting, pruning, fertilizing, and on-going care. Take home herbs to dry, cuttings to propagate, trees to plant.....pick your salad and make fresh lavender lemonade! Read more...

  • State

    A Moment in Sculpture at SDSU
    January 11 to February 23

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, January 11th  6-9pm

    Artists' Talk ~ Saturday, February 8th 7pm

    This group show reflects divergent approaches in the graduate sculpture department at San Diego State University. The artists demonstrate varied, but related sensibilities with attention to strong material presence, where physicality becomes a vital aspect of experiencing or understanding the objects and surrounding space.  Read more...

  • A Word Worth A Thousand Pictures

    Performances by San Diego Youth

    Friday, January 31st 4:30-6:30pm
    In the Art Produce Garden-  (enter Herman St.)

    A free event created by local students from University City High School, La Jolla High School, Dehesa Charter, & High Tech High International with music/poetry performances and an open mic. Read more...
  • Art Produce in Public Art Review

    National public art magazine features Lynn Susholtz and Art Produce in its Spring/Summer 2012 “Food For Thought” edition. Originally built as a produce market, Art Produce houses Susholtz’ art studio, Stone Paper Scissors, the organic garden, a new restaurant, a meditation center and a unique storefront gallery space and public art experience. Stone Paper Scissors has won 5 “Orchid” awards by the SD Architectural Foundation for public art and sustainable design, and both for Art Produce.  Read more... 

  • !SPEAK!

    Barbara Sexton
    November 5 to January 5

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, November 9th 6-9pm

    In this exhibit of photos and photomontages, Sexton is engaging in a conversation centered on power and control, both the kind that result from unseen, elemental forces and those imposed by the privileged class on the individual.  Read more...

  • Time Came Around

    Cindy Zimmerman, Family, and Friends
    August 27 to October 27

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, October 12th 7pm

    Community artist Cindy Zimmerman creates an installation without a clear endpoint, a series of riffs on time, play, attachment, and change – featuring altered patio furniture, paintings, assemblages, and zines.

    The show takes its title from Kurt Weill’s September Song, in which someone old tries to reach a bargain with someone young. Zimmerman’s installation brings together her work – new, old, and re-purposed – with works by her grandchildren and their dads when they were young.  Read more...

  • Art of Process

    Performance Works by Erica Buechner

    Saturday, December 14th 7pm & 8:30pm
    In the Art Produce Gallery and Garden

    Come experience the whirlwind explorational year Erica Buechner spent diving into the process of art making while attending graduate school.  Read more...

  • San Diego Veg Festival

    Saturday, November 9th 10am-5pm
    At Art Produce and on Herman Avenue between University and North Park Way

    Official Kick-off Party ~ Friday, November 8th 6-9pm at Green Scene Gallery.

    Official Post-Fest Vegan Brunch ~ Sunday, November 10th 9am-2pm at Casa de Luz

    San Diego Veg Festival’s goal is to build a healthy and sustainable movement of conscious San Diegans. We support a compassionate, plant-based, animal-friendly lifestyle. Whether you are a first time or long time vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, locavorian, or curious foodie, the festival is for everyone!  Read more...

  • Poetic Scientifica

    Reading with author Leah Noble Davidson

    Friday, September 20th 7pm
    Sponsored by University of Hell Press and Art Produce Gallery

    Conventional wisdom holds that art and science are mutually exclusive. Leah Noble Davidson disagrees. Consider the laboratory of the human endeavor: The absolute magnitude of love. The combustion of passion. The gravity of pain.  Davidson guides us through the physics of us and introduces a breakthrough theory: Poetry in motion.  Read more...

  • Public Art Dedicated

    Grandmother’s Kitchen/Grandfather's Garden  The City of San Diego recently added Grandmother's Kitchen/Grandfather's Garden to the City's Civic Art Collection. This original art commission was generously funded by a donation from Niki de St. Phalle through the Niki Charitable Art Foundation.

    The artwork is on loan to the La Maestra Community Health Center in City Heights. 

  • Green Art Parade

    Green Public Art Consultancy
    Exhibit July 8 to August 18

    Parade ~ Saturday, August 10th  7-8pm

    Workshop ~ Thursday, August 8th  5-6pm

    A curated street spectacle of portable sculptures, art bikes, green fashion and performances by Southern California artists with a message about our environment.  Participating PARADE artists: Dia Bassett, Janelle Despot, Suki Berry and Friends, A. Laura Brody, Richard Gleaves, Terri Hughes, Miki Iwasaki and the Bakery Design Collective, David Krimmel and Benjamin Lavender.  Read More...

  • Baked Fresh Daily

    Monroe Clark Middle School Student Art at Bread & Cie
    June 7 to July 9, Open Daily 7am-6pm

    Opening Reception ~ Friday, June 14th 5-7pm

    What to do with thousands of misprinted paper bags?  MAKE ART!

    Students from the New Arrival Center at Monroe Clark Middle School have been working with Lynn Susholtz (Stone Paper Scissors) creating art that tells stories of their travels from their home countries. This spring the students visited Bread & Cie Bakery and Cafe in addition to several galleries, museums, & public art sites. Students created images and text in mixed media on unused recycled bread bags.  Read More...

  • Kalos - Public Art Commission Installed

    Stone Paper Scissors recently installed the entry gates to Kalos, a new North Park rental community developed by Community Housing Works.  The steel and aluminum entry gates were inspired by the olive branch.

    The project was dedicated on May 17, 2013 with honored guests Mayor Bob Filner, City Council President Todd Gloria, and Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins.

  • Altered Horizons

    San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Presents- Altered Horizons 

    April 6 to May 19th - Opening Reception Saturday April 13, 6-9pm.

    From two-dimensional works to video and installation pieces, seven artists from San Diego and Tijuana explore contemporary space and offer a bi-cultural glimpse of what the future might hold.   Artists; Qais Al-Sindy, Luis Alderete, Jennifer Bennet, Antonio Escalante, Lisa Hutton, Selena Marinello and César Vázquez.  Read more...

  • Rm 469 Art Building South

    San Diego State University Jewelry/ Metalwork Graduate Students
    May 23 to June 30

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, June 1st  6-9pm

    Jewelry Sale ~ Saturday, June 8th  6-9pm
    View new pieces and purchase wearable art!

    The Jewelry & Metalwork program at San Diego State University encourages and assists students in the development of a mature artistic statement based upon intellectual, aesthetic and technical capabilities.  Creativity and technique are stressed equally.  Read more...

  • Save Port of SD Public Art Program

    Don't let the administration eliminate the Port of San Diego's Public Art Program!

    Tuesday, June 11th at 1pm
    Port Administration Building 3165 Pacific Highway

    There will be a motion to cut the Public Art Program's budget and take $1.2 million from it's reserve. The Port already has $53 million dollars in the Port Operations Reserve. Should the financial shortfall of the Port be made up from the miniscule arts program budget? The Port commissioned and recently completed a public art plan that is funded and ready to implement. If the money is pulled from this budget it would likely kill the arts program entirely.  Read more...

  • Inside the Artist Studio Tour

    Explore Art Studios of North Park with a tour guide- Saturday, April 13th- 4pm.  

    Inside the Artist Studio Tour is a new event sponsored by North Park Main Street that promotes passion for the arts.  Different from Ray at Night, you will get a chance to observe exciting demonstrations in nine studios and participate in discussions with 20 artists.  Along with the opportunity to see their respective art-making processes, you will also have the chance to sample various local foods...

  • SD Commission for Arts & Culture

    Friday March 22, 8:30 - 10am.   San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture monthly board meeting in Art Produce Gallery.  Please join us for this public meeting to find out what's happening in your city- Have your Say!

  • Community Chromosome

    Opening Reception Saturday Feb. 9, 6-9pm 

    Community Chromosome, a crowd-sourced installation.

    Contribute to the ongoing discussion of what makes community. You are invited to create the story, trade poems, share drawings, design/decode the DNA of a community and the history of Art Produce.

    Please bring a canned food item to donate to Mama’s Pantry, a program of Mama’s Kitchen, providing nutritional shopping opportunity at no cost for men, women and children of San Diego County affected by HIV/AIDS.  (Food donations accepted through March).   Saturday Feb.9th Reception is a fundraiser for Enrichment for Refugees, a program of the International Rescue Committee at Monroe Clarke Middle School & Women's Empowerment International, an all-volunteer nonprofit providing microfinance loans for low-income women locally and internationally.

  • International Women's Day

    Mother Sela, a film by Sylvette Artinian.  March 8, 2013-  Screenings at 6:30 & 8pm in Art Produce Gallery.

    Join us after each screening for a discussion with Seta Manoukian & Sylvette Artinian.

    Mother Sela is a portrait of Seta Manoukian, a Lebanese artist who was active during the little-known cultural heyday of Beirut and lived to witness its subsequent destruction during 10 years of Civil War. This documentary is a story about the convergence of war, art and spirituality ...

  • Poetry Reading

    Friday, February 22 at 6pm in Art Produce Gallery-

     Mel Nichols & Rod Smith 

    Mel Nichols’s most recent books are Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon (Edge, 2009) and Bicycle Day (Slack Buddha, 2008).  Rod Smith is the author of more than 10 collections of poetry...

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