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  • Chula Vistan


    Anna Stump
    August 8 to September 20

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, August 22 6-9pm

    Art Produce is pleased to present “Chula Vistan,” mixed media paintings by Anna Stump, in which the artist explores her relationship to her hometown and the Mexican/American Border region. Read more...

  • Plight of the Honeybee

    Roberto Salas
    June 13 to July 26

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, June 13th 6-9pm

    Roberto Salas is one of the 10 artists to receive San Diego Foundation’s 2015 Creative Catalyst Grant. Salas is sponsored by and is partnering with Camarada, a non-profit chamber music ensemble, to heighten the awareness about the plight of the honeybees in our community. Read more...

  • Home Affairs

    Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi
    May 10 to June 7

    Opening Reception ~ Sunday, May 10th 1-4pm

    Home Affairs is an ongoing collaboration by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi that intends to challenge mainstream representations of motherhood through a photo-based, screen printing project. Read more...

  • So Many Hours in the Day

    Michelle Montjoy
    March 5 to May 3

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, March 14th 6-9pm

    In So Many Hours in the Day, Michelle has constructed a knitted environment made from used t-shirts and many hours, where passers-by can join in and knit on giant table-top looms. Read more...

  • JARS - A Crowd-Sourced Exhibit

    A collaborative fundraiser for Sugar Museum and Art Produce
    January 10 to February 20

    Valentine's Day, Chocolate and Beer/Wine Tasting
    Saturday, February 14th 6-9pm

    Sugar Museum is pleased to present JARS, an installation of hundreds of jars in the storefront Art Produce Gallery. The jars of art by local artists and jars of food donated by local vendors will be displayed on shelving with “art” and “food art” coexisting. Read more... 

  • Art Produce in the La Jolla Light - November 2014

    "Intrepid art galleries are out there ... you just have to look for them"
    By David L. Coddon - La Jolla Light - November 20, 2014

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:

    In the case of artist Lynn Susholtz, she started a gallery for her neighborhood. She purchased the former North Park Produce and turned it into Art Produce Gallery, which is not only a storefront gallery entirely visible from the sidewalk on University Avenue, but “a kind of cultural collective urban community center” with three different artist studios, a coffee shop and a gallery “to create the kind of synergy that would happen in a cultural space." Read more...


    A pop-up exhibition curated by Noel-Baza Fine Art featuring
    3 San Diego artists
    November 14 to January 4

    Featured Artists: 
    Marianela de la Hoz, Bhavna Mehta, Lynn Susholtz

    Extended Gallery Hours ~ Saturday, December 13th 6-9pm
    Ongoing Gallery Hours ~ Thursday-Saturday 1-5pm

    Included in RENDER are paintings, drawings and cut paper compositions that reflect the artists themselves, their devotions, commitments and that which brings them joy or gives them sorrow. Each artist in her own way shows us that Art itself is a transformative process. Read more...

  • The Fence/La Barda

    A Bi-national Art Installation, Performance and Lecture Series
    Feminist Image Group / Tijuana's Distrito Diez Gallery
    September 1 to October 25

    Artist Reception ~ Saturday, September 13th 6-9pm
    Artist Reception ~ Saturday, October 11th 6-9pm

    The Feminist Image Group (FIG) and Tijuana's Distrito Diez Gallery are pleased to present “Fence/Barda,” an interactive, collaborative installation at Art Produce Gallery in San Diego. Read more and view upcoming "Fence/Barda" events...

  • Waving the Flag

    William Feeney
    July 1 to August 28

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, July 12th 6-9pm

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, August 9th 7:30pm

     "My art is about the intersection of an individual and an institution. The place where things are exposed, negotiated, and solved. My art is about questions, even when it implies answers." Read more...

  • Art Produce in City Beat

    "The seven-headed serpent monster
    San Diego's alternative art spaces rise, fall, and rise again"

    by Susan Myrland - San Diego City Beat - November 13, 2013

    Excerpt featuring Art Produce:

    Lynn Susholtz’s North Park space Art Produce is one of the few alternative galleries with longevity. Susholtz purchased the building in 1999, renovated it and reopened it as an art gallery in 2001. She added a community garden in 2010, used for film screenings, workshops, art installations and events. A third renovation in 2012 expanded the gallery and made room for a café, creating a synergistic relationship between the tenants, restaurant and art.  Read more...

  • Glamour at the End of Time

    Alexia Markarian
    March 1 to April 27

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, March 8th 6-9pm

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, April 12th 7pm

    Markarian creates an art boutique to consider and explore the expressive power inherent in everyday objects. These articles, altered by scale, juxtaposition and unconventional materials, become something more complicated, intriguing and mysterious. Meant to amuse and provoke, this work subverts our senses and conventional assumptions about utility, beauty and glamour. Read more...

  • State

    A Moment in Sculpture at SDSU
    January 11 to February 23

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, January 11th  6-9pm

    Artists' Talk ~ Saturday, February 8th 7pm

    This group show reflects divergent approaches in the graduate sculpture department at San Diego State University. The artists demonstrate varied, but related sensibilities with attention to strong material presence, where physicality becomes a vital aspect of experiencing or understanding the objects and surrounding space.  Read more...

  • !SPEAK!

    Barbara Sexton
    November 5 to January 5

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, November 9th 6-9pm

    In this exhibit of photos and photomontages, Sexton is engaging in a conversation centered on power and control, both the kind that result from unseen, elemental forces and those imposed by the privileged class on the individual.  Read more...

  • Time Came Around

    Cindy Zimmerman, Family, and Friends
    August 27 to October 27

    Artist Talk ~ Saturday, October 12th 7pm

    Community artist Cindy Zimmerman creates an installation without a clear endpoint, a series of riffs on time, play, attachment, and change – featuring altered patio furniture, paintings, assemblages, and zines.

    The show takes its title from Kurt Weill’s September Song, in which someone old tries to reach a bargain with someone young. Zimmerman’s installation brings together her work – new, old, and re-purposed – with works by her grandchildren and their dads when they were young.  Read more...

  • Art of Process

    Performance Works by Erica Buechner

    Saturday, December 14th 7pm & 8:30pm
    In the Art Produce Gallery and Garden

    Come experience the whirlwind explorational year Erica Buechner spent diving into the process of art making while attending graduate school.  Read more...

  • Poetic Scientifica

    Reading with author Leah Noble Davidson

    Friday, September 20th 7pm
    Sponsored by University of Hell Press and Art Produce Gallery

    Conventional wisdom holds that art and science are mutually exclusive. Leah Noble Davidson disagrees. Consider the laboratory of the human endeavor: The absolute magnitude of love. The combustion of passion. The gravity of pain.  Davidson guides us through the physics of us and introduces a breakthrough theory: Poetry in motion.  Read more...

  • Green Art Parade

    Green Public Art Consultancy
    Exhibit July 8 to August 18

    Parade ~ Saturday, August 10th  7-8pm

    Workshop ~ Thursday, August 8th  5-6pm

    A curated street spectacle of portable sculptures, art bikes, green fashion and performances by Southern California artists with a message about our environment.  Participating PARADE artists: Dia Bassett, Janelle Despot, Suki Berry and Friends, A. Laura Brody, Richard Gleaves, Terri Hughes, Miki Iwasaki and the Bakery Design Collective, David Krimmel and Benjamin Lavender.  Read More...

  • Altered Horizons

    San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Presents- Altered Horizons 

    April 6 to May 19th - Opening Reception Saturday April 13, 6-9pm.

    From two-dimensional works to video and installation pieces, seven artists from San Diego and Tijuana explore contemporary space and offer a bi-cultural glimpse of what the future might hold.   Artists; Qais Al-Sindy, Luis Alderete, Jennifer Bennet, Antonio Escalante, Lisa Hutton, Selena Marinello and César Vázquez.  Read more...

  • Rm 469 Art Building South

    San Diego State University Jewelry/ Metalwork Graduate Students
    May 23 to June 30

    Opening Reception ~ Saturday, June 1st  6-9pm

    Jewelry Sale ~ Saturday, June 8th  6-9pm
    View new pieces and purchase wearable art!

    The Jewelry & Metalwork program at San Diego State University encourages and assists students in the development of a mature artistic statement based upon intellectual, aesthetic and technical capabilities.  Creativity and technique are stressed equally.  Read more...

  • SD Commission for Arts & Culture

    Friday March 22, 8:30 - 10am.   San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture monthly board meeting in Art Produce Gallery.  Please join us for this public meeting to find out what's happening in your city- Have your Say!

  • Community Chromosome

    Opening Reception Saturday Feb. 9, 6-9pm 

    Community Chromosome, a crowd-sourced installation.

    Contribute to the ongoing discussion of what makes community. You are invited to create the story, trade poems, share drawings, design/decode the DNA of a community and the history of Art Produce.

    Please bring a canned food item to donate to Mama’s Pantry, a program of Mama’s Kitchen, providing nutritional shopping opportunity at no cost for men, women and children of San Diego County affected by HIV/AIDS.  (Food donations accepted through March).   Saturday Feb.9th Reception is a fundraiser for Enrichment for Refugees, a program of the International Rescue Committee at Monroe Clarke Middle School & Women's Empowerment International, an all-volunteer nonprofit providing microfinance loans for low-income women locally and internationally.

  • Poetry Reading

    Friday, February 22 at 6pm in Art Produce Gallery-

     Mel Nichols & Rod Smith 

    Mel Nichols’s most recent books are Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon (Edge, 2009) and Bicycle Day (Slack Buddha, 2008).  Rod Smith is the author of more than 10 collections of poetry...

  • Grand Opening

    In the news- Art and Dessert an Intriguing Combo.. To read click HERE in the San Diego Union Trib. and click HERE Since 1999, when Stone Paper Scissors, the design enterprise headed by Lynn Susholtz took over the North Park Produce Company on University Avenue and converted it into Art Produce Gallery, that space has been in a state of nearly constant transformation and invigoration....

  • ArtBoxed POD in Garden

    Art Boxed San Diego: A PODS® Project is a portable, curated exhibition highlighting local contemporary artists creating thought-provoking and participatory art in storage containers.
    Visit Chris Flores and Jennifer Anderson's POD in the Art Produce Garden.
    Open Daily 10-6pm, October 13th- 26th.

    Opening Reception in Garden Saturday Oct. 13th 6-9pm

  • Eat Here Now

    Imagining a community of very, very local food. Leslie Ryan, Kasi Schnell, faculty and students from NewSchool of Architecture and Design, and San Diego City Community College What if the public reclaimed public space? What if streets + roofs + yards = food?

  • Apples & Oranges -Collaborations

    Showing June 9 - July 22

    Featuring Justin Kramer, Crystal Thomas, Reuben Foat, Barrett Foat, Olivia Cyr, Hayley Stewart, Vincent Robles, Pat Clark, Erin Behlin. These SDSU graduate students in the Furniture Design and Woodworking concentration departments were asked to collaborate in the design and fabrication of a new work. Come see their creations.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood!

    May 31- June 3, positions "the neighborhood" as a fluid institution of creative production, critical thinking and intersecting interests. Collaborations between artists, residents, small businesses, universities and local activists will culminate in a series of workshops, talks, installations, performances and tours that center around the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. June 2nd & 3rd workshops at Art Produce. 

  • eat here now

    Gallery and Garden Events April 14 through May 20
    Opening Reception April 14, 6-9pm

    Imagining a community of very very local food
    FREE music, film, panel discussion -

    Let’s start here, in North Park, an older, built-out community with a lot of asphalt. If we can grow food here, we can make something important happen, because the benefits of growing food locally are profound: The average meal in the United States travels over 1500 miles from farm to table. What if we ... Read More

  • Lois Stecker Photos

    Lois SteckerCloses March 25th
    Gallery Hours This Week, Thurs.-Sun.  noon-4pm

    Lois Stecker was a San Diego-based painter and photographer who passed away last September, at the age of 92. Lois was well-known in the regional art scene; for over four decades she attended virtually every art opening in town, and always brought along her camera to photograph art and artists. What people may not know about Lois is that she was a compulsive photographer, who used her camera to record everything in life that she loved: family, friends, parties, art, food, pets, flowers, her house, the world. As a result Lois left behind her many many thousands of photos… far more than her family knew what to do with. Read more.

  • Reflections

    A Collaboration with Eveoke Dance Theatre
    January 27 – February 19, 2012

    At Art Produce
    Choreography by Ericka Aisha Moore
    Visual Art by Lynn Susholtz & Araceli Carrera

    A feast of movement and visual art intertwined, Reflections is a powerful portrait of 6 little known women who have affected history in a profound way. Can we find our own reflection within the faces and stories of these courageous women? Read reviews, view photos and more at our Reflections page.

  • Eveoke Tells Stories Through Dance: Video

    Monday, February 6, 2012 4:38 pm by Kelly Bennett
    Lynn Susholtz, owner of Art Produce Gallery, highlights the work of Eveoke Dance Theatre at our Meeting of the Minds event on Feb. 1. A few months ago, we visited as Eveoke Dance Company prepared to travel to the Dominican Republic with one of its best-loved productions, "Las Mariposas." Now, the company's in the middle of a production with Lynn Susholtz, artist, educator and own...

  • Architects by Force

    Maria Teresa Fernández

    "These photographs depict a dialogue between form and material, between the patterns and textures, all of which combine with the wild range of colors to create a cacophonous dialect. The constructions summon the spirit and creativity of those Mexican Architects who solely want to achieve their objective; a tranquil and covered space for their family to feel protected: a HOME." Read more...

  • ARTERIA by Todd Partridge

    September 2 - October 2, 2011
    Gallery Reception September 10, 6-9 pm

    Our network of roads and freeways are the arteries of the built environment. We depend on them as we do the blood vessels in our bodies: they are the delivery systems for the things that enable us to live. Read more

  • Studio/Garage Sale


    Studio/Garage Sale !!
    Thursday November 17th, from 3 - 5 p.m.
    Saturday November 19th , 9 a.m. - noon

    Studio/Garage Sale - equipment, supplies, electronics, materials, lots of STUFF! It all must go - come get it ! See the new award winning Art Produce Garden. Enter from Herman St.

  • Sustainable North Park Main St.

    Art Produce August 13 - 21, 2011
    Opening Reception Saturday 6 - 9pm August 13, 2011

    A framework for the sustainability of San Diego's historic district  of North Park. 

    Sustainable North Park Main Street (SNPMS) is a broad, yet very grounded vision of a greener future for North Park. Read more

  • Things I Never Say

    Trish Stone

    Trish Stone's new media artworks challenge corporate culture by inserting her personal narrative into surveillance media. In "Things I Never Say," she physically steps into the frame of San Diego's privately owned publicly accessible webcams, using the surveillance site as an opportunity for performance. Read more...

  • Americans for the Arts Tour

    Friday June 17, 2011

    Plan to attend the Americans for The Arts Tour! See the latest exhibit at Art Produce Gallery, find out what's new in the Community Garden, see Eveoke Dance Theatre in action and hear about the intersection of art, neighborhoods and urban planning from California Senator Christine Kehoe, California Assembly Member Toni Atkins and San Diego City Council Member Todd Gloria. View photos & video.

    American's for the Arts
  • "Possessive/Obsessive"

    April 9, 2011 - May 7, 2011
    Opening Reception Saturday, April 9, 6-9 pm

    An installation of work by Brianna Rigg, Edward Kihn & Noah Doely curated by David White as part of the offsite series of exhibitions happening in conjunction with the 2011 UCSD Visual Arts Open studios. Read more.
  • whEAThARvesT

    David Krimmel

    whEAThARvesT, a community-growing project.

    The project utilized locally grown grain to promote awareness of current issues in commercial food production. In February of 2010 a vacant lot in urban North Park was transformed into a field of wheat. Community members also grew wheat in their home gardens and gathered for a community harvest. Read more...

  • Oilwhelmed

    Terri Hughes-Oelrich

    "Oil wells, derricks, pumpers, oil islands are beautiful in Huntington Beach, CA, my childhood city. Over our backyard fence, a gated oil pumper rocked up and down most days. My brother swore he rode on top of one once. I picture him pretending he’s surfing on the oil pumper. As I returned to visit my hometown with my children, I noticed the drastic changes from when I was little." Read more...

  • Free Space

    A street level look at interfaces between public and private

    Megan Willis Free Space is an installation that looks at disparate tactics for appropriating and reclaiming residual spaces in the urban landscape for both public and private use. Residual Spaces are interstices in the city that are abandoned, underutilized, leftover, liminal, and indeterminate. These spaces oscillate between public and private. Read more...

  • Dean Ramos


    ‘Passage’ is an installation that was designed and produced in collaboration with sculpture students at Mira Costa College. Like much of Ramos’ work, it combines many similar units to create the final artwork. It consists of suspended spheres of twisted black wire and thousands of red zip ties. Read more...

  • The Future Imperfect of Cities, Landscapes, and Dreams

    An installation by Leslie Ryan, Philipp Bosshart, Deborah Forster & their students from New School of Architecture. Rather than ask how art is part of a community plan, we ask- what is community development in the context of art? What is the city that you would invent? Read more...

  • Sylvie Rosenthal

    "Serendipity put tools in my hands and I trained to be an artisan. My furniture refused to stay furniture. It spoke in ironic quips. It asked questions. It made statements.

    My work has always dealt with transformation. From the inside out, how to get there from here. Content driven, a bit personal, and steeped in the impossible." Read more...


  • Adam Manley: Outlook

    Outlook: Interactive Sculptures is a selection of work from Adam Manley’s SDSU, MFA thesis representing a point of contact with and reflection upon our everyday environment. Manley uses recognizable forms and references to create objects that imply a familiar yet confounding sense of place. Read more...

  • Dave Ghilarducci

    Rattle and Hum is an interactive, room sized installation. The viewer enters a narrow gallery to find what, at first glance, appears to be a post-minimalist sculpture: Two identical steel cages, each containing an imposing rusted steel panel, are placed opposite each other. However, motion sensors, electronics and motors are embedded into the artwork, endowing it with the potential for kinetic and acoustic theatricality. Read more...

  • The Making of Art Produce

    Transforming a boarded up building (North Park Produce), unsafe and under-utilized corner into a beautiful property and center for innovative art, Art Produce has stimulated local business, invigorated civic engagement, and reduced crime through "cultural infill". Read more...


  • Michele Guieu

    Lucy, Darwin, and Me "Lucy, Darwin and Me was an extremely well designed, multi-layered, and engaging show that took over the Art Produce Gallery from December 12th, 2009 to January 24th, 2010. On January 9th, the artist, Michele Guieu, gave an informal talk and explained the show, her impetus for creating the work, and some of her relevant background -- like the fact that her father is a geologist, her mother is a biologist, and her family lived, for a while, in Africa. Read more...

  • Agitprop: Brain Trust

    Agitprop moves into a new phase of agitation and propaganda by illustrating some of the work it has done in the past and asking you to participate in future projects by being part of a "brain trust". This installation addresses issues of social economics, art markets, commodities trading, and community engagement. Read more...

  • Stone Paper Scissors wins 2009 Orchid Award

    Art Produce Gallery

    2009 Orchids & Onions jury comments:
    "When artist Lynn Susholtz renovated the old North Park Produce building into Art Produce, her plans included a "pedestrian art gallery." The long and narrow space has storefront windows along University Avenue, where the art is part of the street, the art viewer is also on display, and the activity of the street becomes part of the experience of the art. Places like this are fundamental to the experience of walking in the city.  Read more...

  • phenomenon

    Phenomenon is a blending of Dallas, Texas artist, Natalie Macellaio and Arcata, California artist, Shannon Sullivan's interests in the physical world. Forms are reinterpreted as the artists look at, react to, and contemplate nuance in nature. Working with fired ceramic and mixed media, Sullivan finds intrigue in microscopic cell forms or macroscopic sprout clusters, creating pieces that are tactile, viscous and sensuous. Read more...

  • Marisol Rendón

    Marisol Rendón pursues an interest in the metaphorical and quasi-spiritual existence of the objects around us. She tirelessly searches for traces of human thoughts, hopes and emotions as encapsulated and expressed in the articles of our daily lives. Her work focuses our attention on the modern obelisk of the refrigerator as a doorway through which to glimpse trials of the human condition. Read more...

  • Matthew Hebert

    An exhibition of three new sculptural objects

    The work in this exhibition explores the craft, presentation, lore, and machismo of post-minimalist American art. The installation is comprised of three vitrines containing mechanical dioramas re-presenting works of art by Robert Smithson, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Chris Burden. Read more...

  • Obama Speech Party

    Art Produce Gallery hosted an open party to the community to view Barack Obama's historic address to the Democratic Convention in the Fall of 2008. Over 200 people gathered to view the event in two large screen viewing areas in the Gallery, share delicious food, and make new friends. Read more...

  • Richard Gleaves

    "Textile" and "Front Curtain"

    Weaving is a near-magical process for creating substance, whether literally for things as basic as cloth, or metaphorically for things as basic as the universe. Literal approaches traditionally focus on the creation of pattern, metaphorical approaches on the creation of meaning. Read more...

  • Eric Wixon

    "I had a bitchin' atari jacket when I was a kid that I often wore while riding my dirt bike - one day I got lost on my way home from some stripper cuts back in hick town ohio and my monstrous fifty ran outta fuel so I had to leave it in this random field..." Read more...


    "Urban Detritus is a visual love poem to millions of nameless dilapidated buildings and cold steel freight trains. It pays homage to a society which has been destroyed right under your nose. If you would have stopped to smell the buff paint you might have been able to catch one last glimpse of beauty." Read more...

  • Julien Colombier

    "90 Grammes"

    Julien Colombier lives and works in Paris, France as an artist as well as a student pursuing an advanced degree in textile design. Preferring to work large on vast sheets of paper or directly on the wall – the more direct, the better. Read more...

  • Jim Pearson

    "Since I am a self-taught painter I have no philosophical agenda. Painting is all about color for me. My work has no hidden psychological twists or turns; it’s just paint, it makes me happy…..I hope it makes you happy." Read more...

  • Christine Lee

    "Shims: Thousands of Uses - Use #3"

    "Earlier this year, I observed how wood shims were being used for many different applications such as window and door placement, and in custom cabinetry systems. Wood shims seemed to be everywhere- even in my apartment I found myself using them to stabilize objects like my kitchen table. It occurred to me that we live and work among hundreds of positioned shims, but in most cases their presence remains invisible, or rarely detected." Read more...

  • Freshly Fabricated

    "Freshly Fabricated" frames a group of eager artists who recently completed the UCSD undergraduate visual arts program. The exhibit is comprised of 9 different artists who experiment with a wide range of mediums as they address various topics of subject matter, resulting in a divergent presentation of conceptual perspectives. Read more...

  • Chela Fielding

    "Striped Attire with Hopes and Fears Inside"

    "I am fascinated by the forgotten or ignored debris of peoples’ lives. My passion is to transform discarded items into something beyond their ordinary existence. Through my art, I conjure up stories that give these castoffs new forms and identities. My work explores the connections between objects that one would never imagine co-existing." Read more...

  • United & Severed

    That Window of Time... 

    United and Severed is an interdisciplinary work based on the experiences of 3 women living with traumatic injuries. Research for this artwork began with Diekman & Schaffman's interviews with Kim Anderson, Michele Caputo, & Ivy Kensinger. Read more...

  • Scale/Diversity/Ambition

    A curated exhibit of San Diego State graduate art students by Sandra Doore. Exhibiting Artists: David Clemans, Corbin Lael, Sandra Doore, Tom Fox, Curtis Gannon, Grace Gray-Adams, Jacky Lo, May-ling Martinez, Yudit Naage, and Bradley Streeper. Read more...

  • YES Transition Network

    "Where the Change Takes Place"

    "Where the Change Takes Place" is an exhibition of drawings, photographs and poetry by teens that have received services from the YES (Youth Empowerment Services) Transition Network. The YES Transition Network is an integrated, coordinated network of services, whose goal is to assist foster and other youth at risk to make a successful transition into self-sufficient adulthood. Read more...

  • Maura Vazakas

    There is a copasetic relationship between Nature and it's inhabitants, whether it be natural or man made. The sea, sky and land are constantly around us and constantly changing, sometimes for the good, seeing the beauty that exists in nature, or the bad, like the effects of pollution on our environment for example. Read more...

  • Jeffrey Lamont Brown

    Jeffrey Lamont Brown’s deeply human documentary work is fueled by passion and empathy, and distinguished by a powerful desire to change the way we think about the world we share. From Honduras to India, from rural Zambia to urban America, he works to craft moving images that also make us stop and think. Read more...

  • John Dillemuth

    "Bachelor’s Bride"

    "The idea for this work was in part a response to the gallery space. The large windows open to the street and narrow space seemed perfect for a show room.I first built the pup tent ‘camper’ and then discovered I needed something to pull it. While this work shares similarities to my earlier domestic contraptions and playgrounds, it suggests movement and travel outside of the home." Read more...

  • Melissa Smedley

    Bumper Crop

    A street window exhibition featuring seven salvaged car bumpers turned into actual planters sown with varieties of domestic and prairie grasses. Wall text points out that lawn grasses are the most prevalent crop in the US. Read more...

  • Nina Karavasiles

    "The question is what is going on here?"

    "The question is what is going on here?" is a window installation which poses various questions. It asks who is Stone Paper Scissors and what do they do here? The next question, posed in the large window, is can synthetics reproduce nature? The mostly - white window asks how thoroughly do you have to look to see it all? And finally, the video tape loop questions whether you can represent movement in a still life? Read more...

  • Barriers Borders Fences

    An installation by Vicente Quiroga Jr., Nallely Lopez, Ramón García, April Tra, Ariana Barry and Eliza Mason

    This diverse group of young artists came together through their common association with public artist, Lynn Susholtz of Stone Paper Scissors. Some have been working together since meeting in an after-school art class when in junior high school 8 years ago. Several have since gone away to college, returned as teaching assistants, studio interns, and collaborators in many arts projects. Read more...

  • Dina Rubiol

    "Making art has taught me to look for connections. In any field, discoveries are made because the seeker willingly approaches a task with the panoramic perspective necessary to link seemingly unrelated variables into relationships from which whole new entities emerge. For me this is the beauty of art and life." Read more...

  • Justin "Projekt" Rowley

    "The people of the inner-city are the heart of our diverse culture and the focus of my work. Frustration over poverty and injustice in these communities inevitably leads to violence. This conflict represents the human will to overcome inequality, the fight to resist the place and roles assigned to us by the accidents of our birth. The way I make art is simple: I photograph and sketch the people and places I know and compose and paint these figures in the urban landscapes that they inhabit." Read more...

  • Mix-up

    Presented by Dunn-Razo Dance featuring: Colette Harding Contemporary Dance, Kristen Revier (Sweet Nobody), Lesa G. Williams, Dunn-Razo Dance, bk Soul, and Lower Left. Read more...

  • Pasquale Verdicchio

    Born in Naples, Italy, Pasquale has lived in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada. Currently, he lives in San Diego where he teaches literature and visual cultures in the Dept of Literature at UC San Diego. He has published poetry, translations and essays in US, Canada and Europe, and has shown in US, Canada and Italy."My artwork is merely an extension of all my other activities. Read more...

  • Sandra Doore

    "The Paradox of Possessions" May 21 – June 25, 2006

    "Increasingly, in our post-modern society, the answer to life’s mysteries or, indeed, our sense of life’s purpose is inextricably tied to the fantasy of desire fulfillment -- acquisition has become the light that keeps our fears away. My newest body of work is inspired by April Lane Benson’s book I shop, therefore I am; compulsive buying and the search for self. Read more...

  • Barbara Holmes

    "Barbara Holmes’ Hollow-Core speaks of redemption. Materially, she redeems these doors from obsolescence in a landfill. She transforms them – so redolent of the lonely, badly built interiors, homes, banks, hospitals they once occupied – into a new material she uses to construct her pieces. Read more...

  • ARROW Center/ARC of San Diego

    The Arc of San Diego provides services to approximately 2000 infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities. These services are provided throughout the city and county of San Diego. There are five centers and the ARROW Center is one of those locations. The Arc of San Diego believes people with developmental disabilities have the right to chose and realize their dreams and goals of where and how they learn, live, work, and play. Read more...

  • Maria Teresa Fernandez

    "Growing up in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, I was flooded with creativity. Since I was young I had the privilege to witness works of art and being exposed to all this beauty inspired me to study Art. I did not excel in making the actual art, but I could identify it in other people." Read more...

  • Richard Keely and Anna O'Cain

    Gunpowder Mandala/Hair of the Dog: December 10, 2005 – January 29, 2006

    O’Cain and Keely set up a worktable and continued to make mandalas in the gallery on a weekly basis for the duration of the exhibition. The designs and the working process were influenced by mandala production from various cultures and include patterns and drawings of symbols, signs and military target diagrams calling attention to the implications of our individual and collective decisions affecting the world at this time. Read more...