Gallery Overview

Art Produce Gallery
3139 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

Art Produce is an activist business enterprise and community cultural center that connects artists, cultural organizations, schools, urban farmers and local businesses with public institutions and public culture.  Art Produce Gallery is a unique artist run storefront exhibition space and public art experience in North Park, a diverse and historic urban community of San Diego. The gallery is entirely visible from the sidewalk and was designed to accommodate sculptural installations, cross-disciplinary works, digital media, and performance events. The space allows for unconventional presentation opportunities for artists and unexpected art encounters for viewers. Intended to enliven the experience of the pedestrian it is an experiment in public art that is accessible to everyone in the community - an attempt to render visibility and transparency into the art process itself.

Originally built as a market, Art Produce houses the storefront gallery, an edible urban garden, a cafe, and Stone Paper Scissors studio. The Garden is utilized for public meetings, classes and workshops, film screenings and performance events.