Art Produce is an activist business enterprise and community cultural center that connects artists, cultural organizations, schools, urban farmers and local businesses with public institutions and public culture.

Art Produce Garden expands our cultural community engagement programming to the outdoors. Regularly scheduled events include Make It Yourself activities every Thursday from 5-6 pm, and the Art Produce Food Exchange every 3rd Thursday from 5-6 pm.  Sign up for food trade!

A public art /performance space/cultural center focused on aesthetic, educational and sustainable/green practices it was transformed from an asphalt parking lot into an edible garden and orchard. It can accommodate film screenings, performances, art installations and community events.  It incorporates an outdoor classroom and workspace into an urban garden that includes a rainwater catchment system and a PV solar energy system.

Art Produce Garden was awarded funding as a Sustainable Design Pilot Project by the North Park Redevelopment Agency and is an example of business and public culture creating a synergistic combination for the health and vitality of the neighborhood.

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A 5th Orchid award for the work of Stone Paper Scissors.

Art Produce Garden has been awarded the 2011 "Orchid" award for Sustainable Design by the San Diego Architectural Foundation.