International Women's Day

International Women's Day- March 8, 2013

Mother Sela, a film by Sylvette Artinian. Screenings at 6:30 & 8pm in Art Produce Gallery.

Join us after each screening for a discussion with Seta Manoukian & Sylvette Artinian.

Mother Sela is a portrait of Seta Manoukian, a Lebanese artist who was active during the little-known cultural heyday of Beirut (once known as the Paris of the Middle East) and lived to witness its subsequent destruction during 10 years of Civil War. This documentary is a story about the convergence of war, art and spirituality through the insight of an artist who sought a transcendent vision from an early age. Through a series of interviews with Seta, we see how she matured as an artist and thinker. Seta’s quest for spirituality eventually brings her to Sri Lanka, where she becomes a Buddhist nun, dedicating her time to meditation and Dharma studies.

Manoukian, a celebrated painter in Beirut took a stand during the war together with various filmmakers, composers and musicians, by becoming the people’s conscience. They introduced fantastic realism, a new direction in art. Her work reflects the pains of a nation coming to self-awareness and provides a poignant view into the psychological turmoil of the state of war.

Sponsored by The San Diego Shambhala Meditation Center and Art Produce.