North Park Community Park and Playground

The first phase of the project included a General Development Plan update for the existing 11 acre site with playgrounds, open space area, sports facilities, a senior center, a multi-age recreation center, and an elementary school. The plan emphasis was on comprehensive long and short-term interventions for this well used urban park, with specific attention to the immediate funding phase. The planning phase began in 1997, and was a collaboration with Aerea Landscape, young artists in Susholtz’ after school art classes, and the local community.

The first phase of construction was an 8,000 sq. ft. tot-lot/playground which integrates multi-sensory artist designed play structures and an interactive sound component, with more traditional playground amenities. The playground is within walking distance of 4 elementary schools and contains areas of active play, open-ended creative play, developmental challenges for different ages and abilities, and opportunities for family interaction. Sculptural elements include audio experiences, an interactive water feature, 2 human sundials, integrated educational components, a colored concrete sculptural climbing structure and two kinetic steel and concrete sculptures. The playground was completed in 2003 and was a collaboration with ONA Landscape.

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