Stone Paper Scissors

Lynn Susholtz owns Art Produce and Stone Paper Scissors, integrating community voice and vision into the cultural and physical landscape through art and education.

Stone Paper Scissors has been creating art projects for public agencies, schools, business associations and communities, since 1994.  Previous projects have included the planning of public spaces, developing public arts initiatives for neighborhoods, collaborating with design teams, integrating art into capital projects, and fabricating sculptural works.  Commissions for public and private spaces, range from urban storefront improvements to playscapes for children to the design of community gardens.

5 local projects have received “Orchid” awards from the San Diego Architectural Foundation and an award for planning from the California chapter of the American Planners Association. 

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The citizen artist assumes responsibility to participate in the cultural life of the community, creating opportunities and generating interest in the civic process and public culture.  If we don’t do it, who will?